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Green Gold project annual demonstration training is organised

The annual gathering of Green Gold project has been organized in Undurshireet soum between 20-21 September, 2012, where results of project implementation between 2005-2012 and further goals shared among project beneficiaries. The special point of this gathering is that no theory is presented from a scientist coming Ulaanbaatar, but only herders and herder’s organisations share their experiences and findings to overcome difficulties faced. Also, research institutes, relevant ministries and soum and aimag government officials join the gathering to provide new and relevant information as requested and suggest for possible cooperation with them.

The ‘Tumen Mal’ NGO, herders cooperative and PUG member-herders, an organizer of this years event have displayed a ‘ger’ exhibition in order to show their achievements of past years. The participants have been introduced and seen cooperatives building for herders service, felt making factory, hay storage, and herders training information centre and have concluded that ‘this a right infrastructure built for improving herders livelihood as well as carrying out sustainable pasture management.

‘Allthough the major difficulty is pasture management, only talk about pasture management is not enough without having a holistic approach to try to help to solve many of the problems herders facing in the day to day lives. Our expereinces have proven it. Today I am gratefull that all PUG members have actively got engaged and committed themselves for hosting the GG annual gathering and making it a pleasent one’ says Msr, Ts.Oyun, the head of the ‘Tumen Mal’ NGO. Also the remark of minister of Bhutanese Agriculture and Forest, saying that he and his staff ahve learnt a lot to take home, has made GG stakeholders to understand that they are engaged in an examplary to region natural resource management programme and motivated their further undertakings.

Documentary about “Tumen mal” APUG (in Mongolian)

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