How we work

How we work

Mobilizing its professional teams and taking advantage of its experiences, achievements and gained knowledge and skills, our society has been carrying out the following  activities with advanced methodologies and technologies:
1.    Implementing work on contract and giving advice:

  • Pasture co-management and planning,
  • Development of pasture management plans,
  • Determination of pasture carrying capacity and its monitor
  • Development and introduction of technologies for rehabilitation of degraded pasture lands
  • Land status and quality control,
  • Land rehabilitation,
  • Livestock fodder planting and seed production,
  • Complementary fodder production,
  • Improvement of livestock breeds,
  • Establishment of herders’ cooperatives,
  • Marketing of livestock products. ,

2.   Conducting package trainings which have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science:

  • Pasture monitoring training for local meteorologists
  • Pasture monitoring methodology and data base training for meteorological engineers of agriculture,
  • Pasture monitoring methodology and data base training for specialists and officers from organizations specializing in land affairs,
  • Pasture monitoring methodology and data base training for university teachers and lecturers.

3.    Cooperating with like minded organizations to carry out researches and studies
4.    Organizing meetings, consultationas and debates as well as tours and study tours for specialists and experts

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