How we work

Interrelations, Tendency and Key Issues in Herders’ Livelihood and Natural Resource Management

Green Gold project is studying the following issues at the soum level in the target areas: Experience and knowledge of sound use of pasture resources, factors which lead to co-management institutes, symbiosis or accord between ecologically agreeable lands for pastoral herding and social services coverage and accord in administrative territorial arrangement.

Research work has been compiled and published as two books. One is called “Fostering the Sustainable Livelihoods of Herders in Mongolia via Collective Action” and another is named “Livelihood Study of Herders in Mongolia”.

To date, jointly with Colorado University of the USA, the MSRM is undertaking the research which applies inter-sectoral research methodology. The research is in stage of collecting primary data and information of theoretical value under the subject of “ The issues of linkage between local community based natural resource management and regeneration capacity of social and ecological system”. It aims to determine interrelations between environment and management practice and institutions.

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