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Federation of APUGs

An aimag Pasture User Committee (APUC) has been established in 13 aimags. The purpose of APUC is to contribute to improvement of herders’ livelihood and rural development through  harmonizing and managing  soum pasture management committees, pasture user groups and other participating stakeholders in sustainable pasture management.
The key duties of these Aimag Pasture User Committees are as follows:  to organize the activities which aim to produce recommendations for improvement of aimag policies and legislation about pasture management and submit them to local administration, provide methodological and management advisory services to SPUCs in their sustainable pasture management, support the initiatives to establish SPUCs, partnerships and unions and their development of co pasture management in cooperation with local administration, draft the training programme  on improvement of livelihoods and income sources, provide the training for herders using the training programme, support pasture user committess, partnerships and other institutions to take organization measures such as preparation and distribution of user friendly information and materials, pay attention to directing national and international projects towards improvement of income sources of herder households, herder groups and partnerships in pasture unitsaccessthe results of scientific and research work on current trend and status of pasture management  to the public and advocate pasture improvement technologies in cooperation with the aimag media.

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