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Pasture User Group

The objective of Component 3 of Green Gold Pasture Ecosystem Management Programme is to increase development opportunities for target soums and enhance beneficial cooperation among herders in order to eradicate uncontrolled pasture use..

For the purpose of sustainable use and management of pastures, which represent the source of  livelihood sources and the backbone of their wellbeing,  herders much have strong voice or genuine participation  in development of pasture plans, implementation and monitor of them and policy and decision making.  Pasture User Group (PUG), a primary institution of herders’ self management at grassroots level plays a  significant role in ensuring herders’ participation and voicing. Collective decision and collective rights of member herders of PUG concerning pasture use and protection evolve into Soum Pasture User Groups (SPUG) and further into Aimag Pasture User Groups (APUG).

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