About us


The Mongolian Society for Rangeland Management is an organization which cooperates and bridges all stakeholders in rational use and preservation of pasture lands.

The society provides methodological and professional advisory service and promotes initiatives for all stakeholders to access, make productive use and accrue benefits of herding skills and knowledge which has been passed from generation to generation as well as related research work and manuals.

Mission: “The Mongolian Society for Rangeland Management (MSRM) promotes sustainable pasture management in Mongolia through creation and strengthening herders’ self governing institutes within boundaries of territories and support and harmonization of all stakeholders’ activities”.

The main action lines:

  • To develop, together with related stakeholders, proposals and recommendations for rationalization of legal environment and policies regarding pasture management, inform high level government bodies and cooperate with them in this regard;
  • To support herders’ collective engagement in proper use and preservation of pasture lands and provide methodological and management advisory services;
  • To support herders’ initiatives to form in groups, partnerships and committees and jointly with local administration , organize the actions whereby co-management plan of pasture use is developed and implemented;
  • To support the actions whereby training programme is designed on topics of pasture management, ecological education and livelihood improvement of herders, hold certified trainings, prepare and distribute user friendly materials and information;
  • To organize measures for providing methodologies and information necessary to support self evolving institutes, unions, societies and partnerships which protect herders’ rights and interests;
  • In cooperation with the academia from different sectors, to carry out research and studies which are to identify opportunities, conditions and management policies for long term, efficient and effective use and management of pastures and report and advocate the results to government and other relevant;
  • To pay attention to directing and mobilizing the support of national and international projects to increase and diversification of income sources of herder households, herder groups, units and communities within the pasture land units;
  • To prepare information about the results of studies and research on current trend and state of pasture management and new technologies of pasture improvement;
  • To establish contact and cooperate with international like minded organizations ;
  • To promote research and study by scientists and researchers specializing in pasture issues and support them in raising their competency and qualification.
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