Approved by board meeting of 7th January 2010


1.1.    Objective of this Regulation is to regulate relations on membership, membership types, rights and duties of members and membership fees of MongolianSociety for Range Management(further referred to as Society)

2.1.    There are honorary, affiliate and supporter membership types.
2.2.    Honorary member is an individual who has established the Society and contributed significantly into activities of the Society (no less than 5 million tugrugs)
2.3.    Affiliate members are individuals and organizations both Mongolian and foreign who support activities of the Society and collaborate with it.
2.4.    Supporting members are individuals both Mongolian and foreign who support activities of the Society.
2.5.    Members should agree with this regulation and the By Law of the Society recognize

3.1.    Anyone interested in registering as a member of the Society should fill out an application either at the Society office in person or online on the official website.
3.2.    All associated information should be accurate and a passport size photo should be provided.
3.3.    All matters related to member registration or members are handled by a manager of the Society.

4.1.   Full rights of a member are evoked with member registration fee and membership fee payment.  
4.1.1.    To attend events organized by the Society through invitation.
4.1.2.    To have access to news and information on pasture management.
4.1.3.    To have access to national seminars and meetings on pasture management.
4.1.4.    To have detailed access to information on international seminars and meetings on Pasture Management organized abroad, and have a right to participate as part of a delegation when financing is resolved.
4.1.5.    Full year free subscription to the “Pasture-Green Gold” newspaper published by the Society
4.1.6.    Have access to information on membership fees, expenditure reports and demand clarification when needed
4.1.7.   To have access to information on directions and liabilities of the Society, on protection of members’ rights and entitlements, organization and activities of the Society and provide ideas and consultation, initiate and develop requests and regulations, submit for consideration and approval freely expressed opinions
4.1.8.   Request active and result driven implementation of objectives and directions stated in the Society By-Law.

 5.1.   Participate actively in activities intended to meet Society objectives and directives
5.2.    Have no right to vote if membership fees are not paid.
5.3.    To send delegates to events, meetings and seminars organized by the Society and notify the Society if not attending. 
5.4.    To provide opinions to discussion topic proposals within given.
5.5.    To not engage in activities on behalf of the Society.
5.6.    Resolutions, appeals and obligations drawn from all members’ meeting or board meeting should be executed on time with excellence and provide a written explanation if those are not executable.    

6.1.    The member registration fee should be paid within 5 days upon registering as a member. Waiver from the annual membership fee is applicable for the present year.  
6.2.    Membership fee period is set for one year (365 days)
6.3.    Membership registration fee and annual fee is set different for each type of membership

Member registration fee
6.3.1. Affiliate member 500,000 tugrugs, supporter member 50,000 tugrugs, college, university bachelor level students or school pupil 30,000 tugrugs, herder 20,000 tugrugs.

Annual membership fee
6.3.2.    Honorary member is exempt from annual membership fees and shall have a lifelong member status.
6.3.3.    Affiliate member 120,000 tugrugs, supporter member 30,000 tugrugs, college, university bachelor level students or school pupil, herders 10,000 tugrugs.

7.1.    In recognition of significant contribution, motivation and productive involvement in affairs of the Society members will be nominated for government awards. The nominations shall be discussed and decided by the Board meeting
7.2.  Members shall be rewardedin recognition of the significant contribution in the area of pasture preservation and research in the area, as well as contribution to the Society activities. Reward criteria and types shall be discussed and decided by the Board meeting.

8.1.    Membership will be terminated by member’s own request or by death, or in case of major breach of rules. 
8.2.    The following shall be considered as major breach of rules by members leading to the termination of membership:
8.2.1.    Conducting any activities by unlawful ownership of the Society powers under the name of the Society  
8.2.2.    Membership fees are not paid for over a year
8.2.3.    By professional or personal misconduct damaging reputation of the Society
8.3.    Fees, donations and payments by members are not paid back upon termination of membership

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