“Tsetseg Gol” PUG in Must soum of Khovd aimag was formed in January, 2010. Leader of the PUG, T. Altansukh shares his experiences of cooperation between his Pasture User Group and “Erdenet” Mining Company.

Since formation, our PUG members have organized many activities jointly and realize that it is very beneficial. For instance, in autumn 2010, we contacted  “Erdenet” mining company and discussed about the possibility to supply goat meat. The number of goats were high in the herd and herders have agreed to sell more goats also to reduce pressure on grasslands.

First, we assessed how many kgs of goat meat we can prepare as a group and found out that altogether our herders may supply 1500 goats. I started gathering goats from our herders in October.
Usually, herders living in remote areas have no choice but to sell their products for the prices middlemen offer as they don’t know current market prices. Middlemen often cheat on herders. This time, we made a very good deal with the company. When local prices for female goats were 15-18CHF and male goat 25CHF, “Erdenet” Company paid to herders 20CHF for a female goat and 30CHF for a male goat. It means that our herders earned an additional income of 3000-5000 MNT on average per head of goat. 

“Erdenet” Mining Company has divided 1500 goats into two smaller herds and hired two herders from out group to tend on goats for 45 days. These herders were paid 120CHF in salary. During this time, goats gained weight on average 13KG per head.  The company representative was very pleased with the results.

In addition, “Erdenet” Company has paid to the local veterinary office to have all goats injected and dipped before slauthering.  Herders were hired for slauthering and paid 1.0-1.5CHF per head and are very pleased with the outcomes of cooperation as it has not only increased the profit but also helped them to sell goats that has harmful effects on grazing lands.