Tuesday, 13th November 2007

Forage Seed Producers’’ Association (FSPA) signed a long-term contract to possess 107 ha abandoned cropland area in Bornuur soum of Tuv aimag.

In this area the FSPA intends to multiplicate forage seeds such as Medicago varia Burgaltai, Elymus dahuricus, Agropyron Mongolicum, Stipa sibirica, which are tested and adopted by field research as appropriate for cultivation under dry condition of Mongolia. Field soil has been cultivated as a preparation for coming spring sowing.

FSPA is aided to supply guaranteed and qualified forage seed and provide with guidance and professional advice to sow forage seed to interested enterprises and individuals. At the moment, FSPA seed resource comprises of both indigenous and imported annuals like oat, rye, sudan grass, maize, raps, bean, and perennials like alfalfa, bromus, agropyron and elymus species.