Steering Committee and its mandate:
  • Plenary shall elect Steering Committee with a four year fixed term.
  • The Steering Committee shall convene a meeting not less than two times in a year and the meeting shall be valid when the majority of members have attended.
  • The Steering Committee shall consist of 9 members who will exercise a full mandate during the operation years of the society. Foreigner can be a member in the Steering Committee if he/she agrees to the mission and operational rule of the society.
  • 6 members of the Steering Committee who represent members of the society shall be elected by the members of Plenary of the Society. The remaining 3 members of the Steering Committee may represent different organizations.   
  • Members of the Steering Committee shall be replaced every three years and in doing so, 2 members shall be replaced every year.
  • The Steering Committee shall discuss and approve annual plan and report by the Society.
  • The Steering Committee shall submit the report by the Monitoring Council to the Plenary after having reviewed and discussed it at its meeting;
  • Should any member of the Steering Committee can’t attend the meeting of the Steering Committee he/she may submit his/her writing opinions concerning the issues to be discussed at the meeting. In this case, the member shall be registered as attendant.
  • The members of Steering Committee (hereinafter referred as  members) shall exercise equal rights and mandates in making decisions.
  • The Steering Committee shall make decision regarding the matters by individual in close voting and other matters in open voting.
  • If the member has conflict of interest regarding the issues which require the decision making at the meeting of the Steering Committee, he/she shall provide explanation and withheld from giving vote at the meeting. If the chair of the meeting of Steering Committee is in conflict of interest, another member of the steering committee shall chair the meeting.
  • The minute of the meeting of the Steering Committee shall include the information on agenda, decisions made, close voting by numbers, open voting by names, justifications or explanations for conflict of interests and written explanation or justification by members for their different positions. 
  • The minute kept at the meeting of steering committee and follow up steps to the decisions shall be reported to the members during the next meeting. 
  • The Steering Committee shall bear risks associated with policy decisions.

The mandates of Chair of Steering Committee of the Society and Executive Director:

  • The chair of the Steering Committee shall lead the society.
  • The chair of the Steering Committee shall represent the Society nationally and overseas and chair the meetings of the Steering Committee.
  • Based on the decision of the Steering Committee, the Chair of the Steering Committee shall establish a contract with Executive Director with regards to other issues which fall beyond the rule.
  • The Steering Committee shall elect Executive Director with a four year term. When the tenure expires, the Executive Director shall continue fulfilling the duties until a new replacement is elected and recruited.

Executive Director shall exercise the following mandates within a given tenure:
  • Day to day management of the society and ensuring the implementation of the decisions.
  • Submitting annual plan of the society to the Steering Committee for approval and reporting on the implementation of the annual plan;
  • Reporting to the Plenary on the activities of the society;
  • Represent the Society when establish contact and communicate with government organizations;
  • Endorsing the society’s organizational issues, staffing and salary scale, amounts of funds and renumeration scheme in consultation with the Steering Committee and fixing salaries, mandates and duties of the society manager and staff;
  • Within the mandate issued by the Steering Committee, represent the Society when contacting and interacting with national and international organizations and enterprises, holding negotiations, represent the society upon making or receiving claims at judiciary organizations;
  • Issuing an order on the issue of authority;
  • Other mandates stipulated in the legislation and agreement

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