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“Green Gold” Project, Phase II, 2010-2012

The capacity of herders, civic organizations, local governments and central government is weak to take cooperative actions for pasture land use, protection and rehabilitation. To fill in this gap, the implementation  of “Green Gold” Phase II is required. .
“Green Gold” plans to provide large assistance for development and growth of management system in which pasture users plays an important role. It will support the activities of herders and other stakeholders against degradation of pasture lands which provide a livelihood basis for 800.000people. In doing so, Green Gold will harmonize its support with Livestock Project and CODEP funded by SDCUNDP, WB, Mercy Corps and IFAD.
Awareness of herders will be raised as to how well pasture vegetation can be rehabilitated as a result of introducing appropriate technologies  regarding what pastures animals should graze for how long and others. In this way, herders will be motivated to improve livestock quality and productivity, process meat and wool to produce added value and diversify their livelihood. As well they will be convinced in keeping the number of livestock in line with pasture carrying capacities.

To enable communities of herders to preserve, protect and nurture enduring pasture ecosystems to underpin sustainable livelihoods.

Objective 1: 
Herder communities, government and civil society are increasing their capacity to inherit and continue the activities of Green Gold after the project ends.
Objective 2: Herder communities, government and civil society are able to cooperate effectively for sustainable pasture use in the selected soums supported by a clear and accepted framework of laws and regulations.
Objective 3: Innovative measures to maintain appropriate livestock stocking rates are tested by herder communities in selected soums and the results shared.

Phase II of Green Gold Project focuses on the following issues:

  • Support to sharing and distributing the results and achievements of Phase on a nationwide,
  • The capacity of “Green Gold” Project is recognized and trusted by other stakeholders in  establishing  enabling pasture management legislative environment at soum and national levels,
  • Any innovative measures take time to make results, therefore, activities of existing and emerging herder groups or self management organizations are analyzed and continuously supported.,
  • Several years are required until pasture vegetation, composition and yield and nutrition improve. Thus, monitoring is taken over the changes in pasture management so that the results are used to improve technologies for pasture rehabilitation and protection.

Outcome-1. Knowledge –
 To create capacity among Mongolians and their institutions to develop and apply sound knowledge towards the sustainable use and management of pastureland resources in economic, social and ecological terms.
Outcome-2. Governance – Nurture effective coordination and cooperation among herding communities, government, civil society and donors to create supportive policy and legislation to ensure the sustainable use and management of pastureland resources.
Outcome-3. Collective action – Facilitate effective collective action among herders to eliminate the open-access issue of pastureland use and to increase development opportunities in selected soums.
Outcome-4. Productivity and Marketing – Facilitate improved access of herders to skills training to increase quality and add value to justify higher prices for their products.

Implementing by:
Mongolian Society for Range Management

4.9 million CHF (swiss francs)

Funding by:
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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