Completed projects

Implementing Sustainable Pasture Management Project

Following the contract with “Оyu Tolgoi” LTD the Mongolian Society for Range Management has commenced the project  in Khanbogd soumUmnugovi aimag since September, 2010. The project aims to introduce and strengthen sustainable pasture management in the soum.

The goal  of the project is to implement activities for possessing, using and protecting pastures so that management which is informed by  the results of pasture health monitoring and appropriate in market conditions is  introduced and strengthened.  Having introduced such a management system, the laying ground will be set  for practicing pasture management which fits desert  areas, preservation of pasture lands intact, promotion of  sustainable animal husbandry sector and combating  and reduction of pasture degradation.

A large scale project on operation of Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper mine site is underway in  the southern part of the territory of Umnugovi aimag. This long term mining project which covers large areas in Mongolia are bringing a number of positive and negative changes and impacts. The need emerged in Khanbogd soum to develop and implement  pasture management plans adjusted to the undergoing changes and ensure herders’ participation in order to improve herders’ livelihood and foster herders’ self governing institutions.

The sustainable pasture management project is being implemented by Pasture User Group “Altan Nutag” in Khanbogd. The group is led by B.Unurzaya.  The project are running activities which target at protection of pastures, called as green gold,  valuable wealth of Mongolia, improvement of degraded pastures, exercise of co- pasture management, improvement of livestock quality and productivity, support to added value production such as meat and wool processing into products and herders’ engagement  in alternative income generation activities.

At soum level, herders established and joined into 14 pasture user groups and appointed their group leaders.

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