The MSRM was established in 2007 by the initiatives of several people who were increasingly concerned about the loss of traditional regime of pasture management in Mongolia, a lack of government policy and legislative regulation arrangement and , most importantly, the problems of tragedy of the commons faced in pasture management and use. Furthermore pasture research worked and studies were conducted only when the fund from international donors and researches were available.

Our society is cooperating with international and national donors, research institutes, government organizations and non governmental organizations to suppor the initiatives of herders for establishment and strengthening of herders’ self governing institutes in 67 soums in 10 aimags and strengthening a national level pasture monitoring network.

  • 2008 – A pasture management project was implemented in 10 soums of Khovd aimag in the framework of the contract established with SDC.
  • 2008 – Study tours following the world pasture research conference were organized in Mongolia.
  • In cooperation with Administration Division of Inter Aimag Otor Land Use under the MoFALI a pasture management plan for otor lands was developed in Herlenbayanulaan soum.
  • In 2009, the Society cooperated with National Agency of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment under the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism to establish a monitoring system of pasture lands.
  • Jointly with national and international scientists, a comprehensive socio-economic and ecological study called “The Livelihood Study of Herders in Mongolia” was conducted and a full scale report was produced.
  • 2010 – The Society has been implementing the second phase of Green Gold Programme on the basis of contract established with SDC.
  •  2010 – Dzud Relief and Prevention Project was implemented to provide assistance to herders affected by 2009-2010 dzud.
  • A national conference “Improving pasture legal environment” was organized in cooperation with Parliament Standing Committee of Environment, Food and Agriculture, MoFALI, SDC, World Bank funded Sustainable Livelihood –II Programme and Pasture Management in Urban Areas Project funded by Millenium Account.
  • Sustainable Pasture Management Project funded by Ivanhoe Mines Co Ltd is being implemented in Khanbogd soum, Umnugovi aimag.
  • 2011-2013 – Evaluation Study of Pasture Conditions in Urban Areas is in progress with the financial support of Pasture Management in Urban Areas Project, Millenium Account.
  • 2011 – Colorado State University – Increasing the Adaptive Capacity of Mongolian livestock herders under a changing climate through Rangeland Ecosystem Monitoring and Community based Conservation
  • 2011 – ADB – Strengthening carbon financing for regional Grassland management in Northeast Asia
  • 2011 – Unique Forestry consultants GmbH – Mongolia: Implementation of the Linking Herders to Carbon Market Project
  • 2012-2013 – Markets and Rangeland Management Project – Rangeland Use and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • 2014 – Innovations for Poverty Action, Non-profit Organization – Land productivity survey
  • 2012 – 2015 Great Britain University of Leicester – Values and Valuation: New approaches to conservation In Mongolia
  • 2014 -2016 JICA, Japan – Recycling agricultural production using animal manure in an environmentally friendly way
  • 2019 University of Leicester – Securing change 2, Pastoralism, Policy and Climate Action in Mongolia
  • 2016 – Present – Plan Vivo – Pasture, Conservation, Climate Change – Mongolia
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