In 2005 the MSRM commenced  a pilot action to introduce a standard methodology which meets the international standard in pasture monitoring and evaluation. This research  methodology has been field tested in cooperation with research institutes and qualified organizations which conduct pasture and vegetation cover. The observation stations working under the Hydro and Metereological Institute since 2009 have officially started using the  methodology.

The methodology is a product of joint drafting and testing by Jornada Pilot Center of Agricultural Science and Research Center, the USA, Environment and Agriculture Agency, National Resource Protection Center and Land Management Committee and  jointly.  Nowadays, it is a methodology which is used for long term monitoring research works all across the USA and in the international arena.  
With the intention of introducing the research methodology for  pasture monitoring research and establishment of pasture health data base in Mongolia, in 2010 the MSRM stated identifying opportunities if this topic can be integrated into curriculum of universities which teach pasture issues and hold trainings and workshops among specialized teachers and lecturers.
Brainstorming sessions were held twice involving about 30 teachers and lecturers from the Mongolian National University, the Agriculture University, the Pedagogical University, the branch of Agriculture University in Darkhan city and Eco Asia Institute, The sessions focused on the topic of  improving the curriculum of “Natural Resource Management”and “Pasture Management”and introducing the standard pasture monitoring research methodology into the curriculum.

As a result of the brainstorming session, a work plan was drafted on bringing the aforementioned topics into real actions. According the work plan, in the first round, the Biological Resource Management School of the Agricultural University and the Branch of the Agriculture University in Darkhan city will pilot the curriculum integrated with the pasture monitoring methodology. The pilot at these schools focuses on the following areas: