“Let us protect our land like the apple of our own eyes”

Mongols have being living in deep harmony with the nature and lands and showing deep reverence for natural wealth such as rivers and lakes, forests, plants, lands and wildlife.   Mongols keep a tradition of caring and preserving the nature like the apple of their own eyes.
Meaning that, the eye is described in the basis  of the logo. It  symbolizes the wisdom which has been and will be passing the tradition of symbiotic relations with  the nature  from generation to generation. Eyelash which protects eyes from outside forces interprets the context whereby lands without vegetation and plants tend to degrade and desertified  causing, in the end,  climate change and destruction of living beings on the earth. The eyelash of the eye in the logo which symbolizes vegetation is a sign of security of the country’s independence and long term existence.
The logo of the Mongolian Society for Rangeland Management is a valuable holding which represents the society and its members.