We are using methods and consultations continually enriching and improving them in the process, within our own vision framework, to ensure participation of units, bags, soums level research, planning, implementation in the pasture organization activities. We have developed a methodology consultation on inclusion of the pasture issue within the soum land distribution. When developing planning documents a vast amount of numerical data should be analysed and processed and multilayered research is required to determine factors influencing the pasture  change and degradation.

There are several unique and specifically designed to tackle certain problems applications developed and used to process data to aid the planning process in our country, however these are not sufficient when comes to data sharing and integration.  
This application was developed to collect data on pasture plan development and creating a database, which was made possible to process the data and run analysis by anybody involved in local government or development organization.

This application has the following advantages:
  • Saves labour and time,
  • Data required multiple times can be reused by selection or automatically without having to retype,
  • Automatic formula processing,
  • Reports can be published in any wanted format or sorted by soum, province, pasture, field unit, public pasture, family ownership,
  • Allows to organise data into neat format,
  • To make the data easy and clear,
  • Data is stored and used in structured manner,
  • Information is possible to be connected to other applications connected to the database,
  • Any given type allows to analyse data on soum, province, state level.