Шинэ мэдээ

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1 New link 5789
2 Pastures, Conservation and Climate Action, Mongolia 6686
3 Шинэ мэдээ 2445
4 About Plan Vivo 2525
5 Green Gold project annual demonstration training is organised 5396
6 New Herder Training, Information and Service Centers are being set up in Khovd aimag 5111
7 Бэлчээрийн залуу судлаачдын клубын эрдэм шинжилгээний бага хурал боллоо. 3893
8 Бэлчээрийн залуу судлаачдын клубын ээлжит уулзалт, эрдэм шинжилгээний бага хурал 3892
9 Надад олон шинэ санаа бий 5486
10 Уулсын хаан Улаанбаатарт 3772
11 Herders are managing the sales of their livestock raw materials through the Association of Pasture user Groups 3977
12 Малчин эмэгтэй Дундын сангаасаа зээл авч өрхийн үйлдвэрлэлийн гараагаа эхлэв 4036
13 Annual Herder Demonstration Training in Ikh Tamir soum 4425
14 Herders joint effort to rest pastures seen good results 3857
15 Mongolia adopted one methodology nationwide for pastureland health monitoring 3739
16 Green tour 3692
17 A joint review of Herders’ Collective Action Models: Pasture User Group and Herder Group. 5013
18 A herders’ joint investment has resulted in the construction of a mineral fodder processing plant. 5731
19 A conference on “Towards Improvement of Legal Environment for Pastureland” 3767
20 Through collective efforts herders are creating own forage fund and reserve pastures for wintering. 3965