The Ministry of Nature and Environment has issued a resolution dated on 20 April, 2011 (Resolution No:114) to adopt one methodology nationwide on pasture land health monitoring. The new methodology incorporates indicators of ecological potentials and has reached the international standard. It is based on the design developed and tested by the Green Gold Project in cooperation with the National Agency for Meteorology and Hydrology, and Environmental Monitoring in the last 5 years. In parallel to this, between 2009-2010, the Green Gold Project has provided basic tool kits as well as skills training to the technicians of 115 soum meteorological and hydrological stations to apply the new methodology. During the first half year of 2011, 4 regional trainings (Northern, Eastern, Western and Central regions) have  been organized involving 450 technicians from remaining soums in the application of new methodology. Annual monitoring of pasture land health for 2011 will be carried out using the new methodology.


Trainees were given an official certificate of skills as the Mongolian Society for Range Management has obtained a license from the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Justice to issue a certificate of skills. Alongside skills training, the Green Gold Project has released manuals on “Pasture land health monitoring“ and “Reference for the main vegetations of Mongolian pasture lands” and the first time ever “Codex of Mongolian pasture plants” for technicians and national data base creation. The Codex is being used widely by researchers and students.