GG together with the Mongolian National TV, and the State Water Agency initiated TV Program “Green Tour” where publicly well known Mongolians for their positive images in the society have participated. They represent politics, government services, science, culture and religion in MN.


The “Green Tour” team has travelled into the west (4 aimags) and east (3 aimags) for 10 days. Their experiences, insights, and adventures occurred during the trip will be made into 40 minutes reality show to be broadcast everyday from 15 August till 30 August after 21.00 hour News.

The program was designed and managed by a crew of young TV professionals and reporters, and meant to expose consequences of the “tragedy of commons” over the use of pasturelands, and to listen to herders’ viewson the site.

During the broadcast, MNTV has received thousands of phone calls and letters from the viewers. Majority of the viewers expressed their concerns over degradation of pastures, frequently occurring  natural disasters and expanding mining industry and its negative effects on the environment and pastures for livestock.

The main purposes are:
  • To expose environmental (pasture) challenges through the eyes of these people.
  • To increase public appreciation through better understanding and knowing the challenges.
  • To share local solutions to the challenges
  • To share best practices and lessons from GG.
  • To promote MSRM
  • To implicate Green image of Switzerland to Mongolia