In close collaboration with the Standing Committee of Great State Khural on Food, Agriculture and Environment, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and the Projects “Sustainable Livelihood -2”, “Pre-urban Pasture” and “Green Gold”, Mongolian Society for Range Management initiated organizing a Conference “Towards Improvement of Legal Environment for Pastureland” to improve the Draft Pasture Law submitted to Great State Khural. The Conference was held on October 21, 2010. About 500 participants including the initiators of the Draft Pasture Law, national and foreign scientists, representatives of local governments and herders have took part in the Conference.
The participants of the Conference considered that it is proper to reflect the following items as a main policy in the draft “Law on Pastureland” and discuss it at Great State Khural:
·         To define clearly the principles to be pursued by the State on pastureland as the latter is the property of the State;
·         To classify pastureland by its purpose of use and define boundaries of pastureland belonging to a given classification;
·         legalize possession and use rights in accordance with the specificity of pastureland of a given classification;
·         To identify the forms of pastureland based herders’ institutions, support them and give legal authority on pasture relations;
·         To develop mechanisms for introducing pasture use fee and incentives considering natural regions’ and spatial difference;
·         To establish systems for bearing responsibilities for causing degradation of pastureland;