Monday, 22nd December 2008

Mongolia will soon use an integrated system for pasture monitoring and evaluation with the initiative of Green Gold" Pasture Ecosystem Management Programme. This is a joint effort of several key stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, the Mongolian State University of Agriculture, the National University of Mongolia, Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, the Institute of Botany, Institute for Hydrometeorology, Agency For Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography and the Jornada Agricultural Experimental Range at University of New Mexico, USA. The project focused on improving the pasture monitoring methodology to reach the same understanding, determining weakness of research, data collection, and developing national strategy of pasture monitoring. Agreeing on a "Unified methodology for pasture monitoring", the parties hope that this approach would make a great difference in monitoring the health of the pastures and allow policy makers to take concrete actions.