Thursday, 22nd May 2008

Main directions of the Mongol Yak society, established by the initiative of green Gold program, are increasing the income of yakbreeders through yak wool value increase, supporting with improved technology, marketing, and management for yak product export into foriegn market.

For this purpose, "Yak wool vocational training center" was found and opened its door on May 5, 2008, in Ikh Tamir soum of Arkhangai aimag, where a third of Mongol yaks accomodates. Yak wool is becoming known at international market for its quality equal to high standard cashmere products when it is prepared correctly according to improved technology. Yak wool preparation technological trainings for herders organized twice in last 2 years provided good ground for the vocational training center.

All required techniques except spining machine are installed completely, and as Mrs.Khishgjargal, executive director of Mongol Yak Society suggests after 3 stages of production, yak wool becomes fine and qualitve like cashmere.

People attended in the opening ceremony and welcomed by introduction of center activities and exhibition of products. They said that further support and extension of the center could help herders' to increase income and enable workplace for locals and suggest creating small and medium scale plants like this in every soum should become very significant action for local development.