Tuesday, 20th May 2008

Land department of Arkhangai aimag, Green Gold program, ALAGC jointly held a workshop ‘'Planiing and implementing pasture appropriate use and protection'' dated between 5-6 May, 2008, in Tsetserleg soum, Arkhangai aimag. It involved over 300 people inc. soum governors, land managers, heads of 213 Pasture Use Groups, and related officials from ALAGC, authority of Arkhangai aimag and donor projects.

First day of the workshop focused on discussing annual land management plan, its implementation, and future participation of herders and stakeholders in it, while next day lessons and experience in Ikh Tamir soum, one of Green Gold project area, demonstrated to the participants as an example.
Besides, they attended in opening ceremony of "Yak wool voational training center" in Ikh Tamir soum center, viewed and exchanged opninions on co-management implementation, pasture improvement experiments, activities of Pasture Use Groups.

Activities of "Ishgent" Pasture Use Group in Bugat bagha, Ikh Tamir soum such as pasture rotational use with schedule and resting time, fencing hay making area for preparing sufficient feed and using it as reserve pasture during harsh season, fuelled participants with noval ideas and inspiration.