Tuesday, 19th February 2008

An international meeting to discuss last 3 years accomplishments in yak breeding research was held by Ministry of agriculture, cropland and forestry policy of Italy and Institute of Livestock breeding from 1-2 February 2008 in Italy.

The meeting was attended by over 200 delegates from Italy, Mongolia, Germany, Switzerland and Cheque Republic and focused mainly on the possibilities to improve economic efficiency of yak production.

At the invitation of Italy part, Dr.Yo.Zagdsuren and Mrs.Ts.Khishigjargal, head and executive director of "Mongol Yak" Society, Mongolia took part in this meeting. Their presentation on "Current state and perspective of Mongolian yak husbandry"attracted big interest of the participants. The presentation mentioned about Plano Carpini's 800-year-old travel note which proves that Mongolians were used to breed yakstock, and wide opportunity to conduct collabrative research with EU countries to use Mongolian yaks and disseminate outcomes. In addition, current state, challenges facing, and future perspectives of Mongolian yak husbandry were introduced in the presentation.

Delegates were highly interested in breeding using Mongolian yak gene and talked possibility of further collaboration to provide yak breeding materials.

Participation in the meeting gives good start of further cooperation with EU countries in yak breeding and production field.