Thursday, 31st January 2008

"Mongolian Society for Range Management" (MSRM) is a non profit and non governmental organization set up with the purpose to serve the Mongolian society, established in May, 2007.  

The goal of MSRM is to contribute to improved livelihood of Mongolian herders through bringing together and making efficient use of resources and efforts of herders themselves, governmental, non governmental organizations, educational and research organizations, and other relevant stakeholders and supporting activities directed at appropriate use and protection of Mongolian pastureland. MSRM will operate at a national level and will work on raising awareness among citizens by publishing quarterly newspaper and creating a website.

The Society will be undertaking activities such as;

  • to organize activities aimed at improving the government policies, legal framework and environment related to the pasture management through developing and testing ideas and recommendations based on the opinions of the stakeholders including grass root users in cooperation with the related government organizations and agencies,
  • to support herders' cooperatives on activities related to the appropriate use, ownership and protection of pastureland, deliver consultancy services to herders on relevant methodologies and management,
  • to support herder group, cooperative and cooperation formation, to develop collaborative pasture management initiatives and organize its implementation in cooperation with the local authorities,
  • to provide support in organizing activities delivering education on pasture management and ecology, develop training curriculum, run certified courses and develop and disseminate information and materials to improve herders' livelihood,
  • to organize supply of related information and methods on self initiated establishment of voluntary organizations, groups and Societies which are set up to protect herder's rights,
  • to conduct research on the management policy, possibilities on and conditions of long term sustainable and productive use of pasture land,
  • to report and disseminate its findings to government and other stakeholders.

The society will have a membership and members can be an organization, community and individuals. Recently held board meeting of MSRM, has discussed and approved the amendments to the Constitution and plans for 2008.

The Society plans to undertake following activities for 2008 such as; organization of post tour of International Rangeland Congress, organization of a workshop on "Community based natural resource management" and publishing of a newspaper "Pasture-Green Gold" and more.
Coming month, MSRM will organize a press conference in order to promote its goal and activities to public.