Friday, 18th January 2008

In collaboration with Agency for Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography, Green Gold programme has announced a national level contest to distinguish "Outstanding Land Department" which organized the development and implementation of "Soum Annual Land Management Plan or SALMP" aided to reduce land degradation and overgrazing and to boost appropriate use of rangeland among public starting from 15 May, 2007.  

In its first selection stage bilateral judge group has analyzed paper materials and reports and visited in the fields to assess accomplishments at the real life.
The SALMP designed to be implemented on participation of local community. Selection made considering 10 main indicators including participation of all soums of aimag, official approval of SALMPlan, pasture use maps made by PUGs, and their use.

Arkhangai aimag won first place taking 84.4 score, Khuvsgul aimag got II place with 82.8 score, while Bulgan got III place taking 80.7 score respectively.

Taking a look at the submitted materials from 15 aimags SALMP implementation covered 2319 Pasture Use Groups in 183 soums of 15 aimags. Within SALMP implementation involved 77133 herder family and 38.9 million sheep head of animals.

Final selection of the Contest will be concluded at the end of 2008 and goal of the contest to promote and encourage aimag Land Departments and soum land managers to develop and implement SALMP will effectively be achieved.