Thursday, 15th November 2007 

Land restoration training is running for three years by the foundation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, so doctor Inga Svala Jonsdottir, a coordinator of training program is working in Mongolia to select an appropriate candidates for the training in 2008 and 2009.

Land restoration training has been held in Iceland from August 20 till October 06. D. Bulgamaa, technical expert of Green Gold Program has participated in this training. The country has 100 year knowledge and experience on land restoration and combating  against desertification. 

This training was significant and beneficial, especially for Mongolia, where are some similarities such as cold climate and over grazing problems, by giving the opportunity to experience a land restoration activities of Soil Conservation Service and to meet with local community and farmers who is dealing with land degradation.

Proposed lines specialisation of this training are:

  1. Land degradation and global environmental change,
  2. Remote sensing and GIS,
  3. Assessment and monitoring of degraded land,
  4. Restoration project planning and implementation,
  5. Sustainable land management,
  6. Capacity development and institutional change

And in principle, all developing countries faced with degradation and desertification problems are target countries.

Inga Svala Jonsdottir visited the Green Gold Program's implementation area and met NGO team in Tsengel soum of Bayan Ulgii aimag. She was also conducting meetings with organizations such as, Mongolian State University of Agriculture, Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, Research Institute of Geoecology, Standing Committee for Environment, Food and agriculture of Parliament, SDC, and its projects.