Wednesday, 14th November 2007

In summer 2007, herders belong to "Tegsh" Pasture Use Group in Bayantegsh bagha of Telmen soum, Zavkhan aimag have allowed to rest 30 ha pasture area near the southern side of Tegsh River and achieved good result of increased pasture yield.

When herders were discussing to rest this pasture land during PUG meeting in spring 2007, one of the senior herder Dashchoimbol strongly opposed the idea saying "...why should we be stingy about rangeland from our livestock since pests would destroy all the land around? In my case, I won't agree and unite in this activity...". And his family had left in the area without moving.

However, during autumn session of bagha citizens' meeting, the Dashchoimbol stand up and said:"...I, an old man, used to oppose your decision to rest pasture area and haven't moved.
Immediately after that, I saw improvement of pasture obviously in front of my eyes and realized that I was wrong and decided to follow after you all. I feel very sorry for my stupid point of view and want to tell you that everything is possible if we collaborate. Therefore, my people, let's cooperate to prevent environment from deterioration, preserve and restore our land, rangeland and water...".

For herders it was a good lesson deprived from real practice and reminded that co-decision is always right.