Monday, 1st October 2007

Dr. Yo.Zagdsuren, livestock expert of GGP has launched livestock breeding activities in target areas starting with Ulziit soum of Dundgobi aimag and Undurshireet soum of Tuv aimag between 1 and 9 October, 2007 in order to create nuclear flock for meat and diary production.

Start of the breeding is seen as successful as a result of good participation and initiative of local NGOs: "Ooshiin ogooj" in Ulziit soum of Dundgobi aimag, "Tumen mal" in Undurshireet soum of Tuv aimag. To refer breeding action, 50-100 ewes which weigh 10-15% more than the flock average live weight picked up firstly, and then, have been used for breeding with "Uzemchin" and "Barga" breed rams.

With the aim of creating diary breed goat nuclear flock to be used for further activity of "Ooshin Ogooj" NGO artificial insemination has been placed using deep frozen semen of "Alpina" and "Toggenburg" breed, provided under assistance from Republic of Cuba. In case of positive result appeared from breeding activity in these areas, then it will be absolutely possible to improve the quality of cattle, goat and sheep herd meat and diary productivity in the rest target areas of the programme upon herders' request. It is claimed that high quality semen from a range of breeds has arrived from outside in Livestock Origin Fund.

In addition, workers of local NGOs have been instructed to hold breeding training among herders, record breeding registration, to deal with animals during winter and spring risky time, receive offspring, and take good care of young animals.