Wednesday, 26th September 2007

Yearly recurring exhibition "Autumn green days", an event of demonstrating agricultural sector findings and results to public has been taken place from 21 to 28 September 2007 in Misheel Expo center.

Forage Seed Producers' Association took part well in the exhibition representing GGP. FSPA has introduced 26 species of both annual and perennial forage seed and bunches of 13 different species of plants, among which Sudan grass bunch, with 2.60 meter length, sown in Buyant soum, Khovd aimag for the first time in Mongolia, has been drawing public attention enormously.

During this event, over 1000 people have been provided with information seeing prepared short video documentary and getting dissemination materials of around 2000 sheets on 19 different kinds of content such as guideline to sow annual and perennial seed, prepare feed silage, collect perennial seeds by hand, harvest by machine, establish and operate small scale seed multiplication work etc.