Wednesday, 29th August 2007

Mongol Yak society NGO has been established formally in 29 August 2007 with the support of GGP. As agreed upon pioneers' meeting, Dr. Yo.Zagdsuren has been signed up to work as a head of Steering Committee and Dr. Ts.Khishigjargal as an executive director of the Society.

The main objectives of the Society are to raise income of Mongolian yak breeders, to create nuclear yak herd with high productivity for milk, meat and wool at regional level, to create database on yak origin and its gain, to develop production of yak products, and to support to introduce modern technological, marketing and management means to play on domestic and foreign market.

Under above mentioned objectives several step by step activities are planned as follows:

  1. To create and introduce data registration system to gather information about yak origin, yak nuclear flock with meat, milk, wool high productivity and with specific color wool. For yak breeders unified database system will play significant role to increase their income.
  2. To produce methodology to manage yak selection breeding process based on scientific study and to prepare and share it through various dissemination materials for yak breeders.
  3. To extend interrelation between elite yak breeders, commercial yak breeders, processing industries, research institutions and other stakeholders.
  4. To promote elite breed yak to public through trade fair at regional level
  5. To join national and international relevant organizations and collaborate on joint study and co-implement projects.
  6. To provide yak breeders with market information, introduce findings, and present professional assistance.
  7. To establish and operate training center to give all required vocational training on yak wool preparation and production and to provide research work and advice.
  8. To create system to tie yak wool market price to its quality and inform about market price consistently.
  9. To encourage and support individuals, companies as well as institutions that have showed special commitment to produce special breed yak, develop yak products and supply them internal and external market.

The Mongol Yak Society started to establish contacts with national yak breeders, domestic and foreign production companies as well as scientific institutions such as:

  •          - "Goyo" company
  •          - "Natur Alpha" company, Erdenet city, Mongolia
  •          - "Yak. Co" Germany
  •          - "Hess Nature" company, European Union
  •          - National Center for Yak, India