Friday, 10th August 2007

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between "Green Gold" Pasture Ecosystem Management Programme, Mongolia and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China and NGO "Echoing Steppe", China, comparative study of pasture management have been conducted in bordering parts of the 2 countries during the period from 15 July to 10 August 2007.

The study focused on pasture management systems in two countries, their pros and cons and development trends of nomadic civilization focusing on environment issues with the aim to develop an appropriate model for a more productive use of pastures and natural resources to improve herders' and farmers' livelihood and to ensure sustainable community development in rural areas.

Concerning several factors as geographic location near to border and similarity of pasture condition, Dorvolj bagha of Erdene soum, Dornogobi aimag and Erdenetsagaan soum of Sukhbaatar aimag were selected as study areas in Mongolia and Bayantogrog, Sartuul gatsaa of Zuunsonod village and Erdeneuul gatsaa, Uliastai balgas of Zuun Uzemchin village in Inner Mongolia.

Similar condition under utterly different legal coordination of rangeland issues of the two countries and its reflection on feature of pasture use makes the study appealing and interesting. According to their law, Inner Mongolia enabled herders to possess pasture by fencing while Mongolians follow still traditional pasture based extensive livestock system.

Results and achievement from the study will be released when reports have done. In further the collaborative study is expected to continue in 2008.