The Mongolian Society for Rangeland Management initiated and organized a Conference on “Towards developing favorable legal environment for sustainable pastureland management in Mongolia” jointly with Standing Committee of Environment, Food and  Agriculture of Parliament, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industries, WB funded Sustainable Livelihood -2 programme  and Millenium Account funded Urban Pasture Lands Project.   Over 500 stakeholders representing herders, government organizations and NGOs from 21 aimags attended the conference which  was held in Octgober 21, 2010 in Government House in Ulaanbaatar.
Pasture degradation and overgrazing over the years have been negatively affecting the economy and social stability in the country. The recent studies witness that a paradox of private ownership of animals and public ownership of pasture lands and uncontrolled use of pasture lands are much to blame for this negative effect on the country’s wellbeing.
Extremely inadequate pasture management and lack of unified government policy are entailing the irreversible damage of “Pasture”,  renewable natural wealth in Mongolia. An independent law is required for establishing and strengthening herders’ self management institutions and addressing pasture issues through clear responsibility based arrangement. The conference attendants unanimously shared the position for debating and endorsing the draft pasture law which had been submitted to the parliament .
The conference issued a recommendation for concretizing government policy on pasture lands, identifying means and steps for enforcing government policy for herders which aim towards establishment of herders’ self management institution and organizing debates to  discuss and integrate the  comments and views into the current draft law.
Having agreed on streamlining government principle for pasture lands, pasture categories, user rights, herders self management institutions,  their mandates, pasture fees and responsibility system and produced a recommendation to submit to the legislators.
The conference recommendations are of crucial importance in government policy and decision making for rural development and sustainable natural resource use, pasture management and sustainable land management, These are also vital for enhancing the participation of voluntary herder organizations in policy and plan making.

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